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Wheat Grass

wheat grass

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Wheat grass is an excellent source of nutrients. Drinking wheat grass juice can provide nutritional supplements. Wheat grass has been considered as a complete food since ages. As the contents of fibre in wheat grass are more, it gets digested by the human body very easily.

Wheat grass is a rich source of chlorophyll. There are many natural healing qualities.

Wheatgrass is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. The major benefits of wheat grass are:

  • Improves digestion
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Prevents aging
  • Cures certain ailments
  • Improves the energy levels of the body
  • Benefits of wheat grass:


Wheat grass juice is considered to be an anti-cancer agent. Consumption of wheat grass can help to cure and prevent cancer.

Blood Pressure:

An important benefit of wheat grass is that it helps to maintain the normal blood pressure. People suffering from high blood pressure problem can take one glass of the juice in morning on an empty stomach. As wheat grass is completely natural, there are no side effects of it.

Skin and Hair:

Wheatgrass helps to get a glowing and nourished skin. It also prevents premature graying of the hair. The juice of wheatgrass helps to keep the skin and hair healthy. It makes the skin and hair shiny.


Wheatgrass is also known to improve digestion. It also helps to remove the toxins of the body.


Wheat grass helps to cleanse the body. It detoxifies the blood, organs and gastric tract.

Other Benefits:

  • It is known that wheat grass helps to make the immune system stronger.
  • Wheat grass also increases the mental strength.
  • It improves the sleep.
  • It avoids certain allergies.
  • It helps to remove the toxins from the body and hence, detoxifies the body.
  • Gargling with the wheat grass juice helps to clean the mouth and keep it fresh. It also prevents the tooth decay.
  • It is also known that wheat grass helps to curb the food cravings and helps in weight loss.


  • Half glass of wheat grass juice can be mixed with a cup of orange juice and 1 lime juice. This makes a tasty drink.
  • One cup of wheat grass juice can be mixed with crushed strawberries, 2 kiwi fruits and half cup pineapple juice.

FAQs about Wheat Grass:

Can I grow wheat grass at home or my garden?

It is known that many wheat grass fans grow the plant at home at their gardens. It just takes two weeks from planting to harvesting.

Is the taste of wheat grass good?

The only negative effect of wheat grass is its taste. It does not have a pleasant taste. But wheat grass can be used to make a tasty smoothie

Can the pets consume wheat grass juice?

It is completely safe for the pets to have the wheat grass juice to avail its benefits.

Does wheat grass help to cure constipation?

Wheat grass juice regulates the bowel movement and helps I treating constipation.

Can wheat grass help to cure sore throat?

Gargle with wheat grass juice can be beneficial in curing the sore throat.

Does wheat grass help in weight reduction?

As wheat grass is rich in fibres, it promotes the weight loss. It makes the metabolism of the body faster.


Wheat grass has been identified as the finest grass food. Studies show that wheat grass contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants and fatty acids.


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