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Are you aware of all the benefits of the herb Neem? Neem has been used since the last five hundred years in the Asian countries. It would be surprising to know that every part of the neem tree is useful. Leaves, flowers and bark of the tree have been used since the ancient times. Neem is known to have several medicinal benefits and curative properties.

Many Indians are aware of the many benefits of this natural herb and over the last few years, neen has become popular in many countries across the world. You won’t believe that the biggest benefit of neem is that it cures any type of disease. May it be heart disease, diabetes; cholesterol- Neem cures it all! A latest study has proved that neem cures AIDS and other STDs too.

Nowadays, neem is not only being used by humans, but gaining popularity in animals also. Farmers have also started using neem spray to kill the insects and pests. Neem is very helpful in preveting allergies and infections too. Neem can be used in any form – Neem oil, decoction or neem capsules or tablets.

Did you know that several cosmetics and creams also have neem as their ingredient? It has been used since the ancient times.

Benefits of Neem:

Lowers Blood Pressure
Cures pimples and acne
Treats constipation
Prevents liver disorders
Promotes Hair Growth
Prevents dandruff
Curative Properties of Neem:

Dental Care: Neem is one of the best herbs to be used for teeth cleaning. The twig of the neem tree has been used as a tooth brush since the last many years. It avoids the toothache and tooth cavities. Regular use can also strengthen the gums and bad breath.

Hair: Neem has been used for hair since ages. It helps to treat the hair and scalp problems. Boiling a few neem leaves in water and washing the hair with the mixture can help to treat dandruff and hairfall. Application of neem oil promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying of hair.

Skin: Neem possesses antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. A paste of neem and turmeric can be applied on the acne and pimples to treat them quickly. Neem oil can also be applied on the affected areas to cure pimples. Neem paste can be applied on the face to treat the dryness of the skin. For oily skin, a paste of neem powder and lemon juice or yoghurt can be applied on the face and skin.

Constipation: Neem is found to be useful in preventing acidity and gastric problems. Neem also helps to cure constipation. Boiling neem leaves in water and drinking it regularly can keep you away from the constipation and acidity.

Blood Sugar: This herbal supplement is widely known to maintain the blood sugar levels. Neem oil or neem decoction can be used for curing diabetes.

Detoxification: Neem helps to purify the blood and helps to eliminate the toxins from the body. This natural herb supplement also improves the quality of the blood.

Muscle Pains: Neem oil helps to relieve the muscle pains. A massage with neem oil can reduce the muscles and joints pain.

Other benefits: Intake of neem on a regular basis boosts the immunity system and prevents the body from diseases. Neem powder or neem paste can be applied on the wounds and cuts or burns for quick healing.

Another important benefit of neem is that it cures dark circles and makes the skin glow.  Neem oil can be effectively used for earaches too as it is known to have pain relieving properties. Cough and cold can also be treated by use of neem water.

In some cases, neem helps to treat malaria and fever. Neem also fights the intestinal worms.  It has also been found that neem can be used for improving the vision.

FAQs about neem:

Can I take neem water regularly if I do not suffer from any of the health problems?

Even if you do not have any health problems, intake of neem water prevents health disorders. It is greatly safe to drink neem water to stay away from the diseases and health problems. Neem is known to be good for overall health.

Is neem beneficial in gastritis?

Neem avoids the acidity and gastritis. It possesses anti bacterial properties and cleansing effect. Regular intake of neem can be useful in treating gastritis too.

I have dull and limp hair. Can neem help me?

Neem is a universal herbal supplement used for hair. It can provide shine to hair and prevent them from graying. Even if you suffer from hair loss, neem can help you. Boil neem leaves and water and use it for washing hair. No need to use shampoo with this. Application of neem oil also works well. It also cures hair fall and dandruff.

What kind of pain can neem relieve?

Neem is known to relieve muscle and joint pain. Local application of neem oil can treat back pain, muscular pain, gout and arthritis.

Can neem help my nails?

Application of neem oil can treat brittle nails as it makes the nails strong. It also helps to remove the nail fungus.

How does neem tea help?

Drinking neem tea can prevent diseases and boosts the immunity system of the body. It detoxifies and cleanses the body. Neem tea should be taken by the people who have skin and hair problems. Neem is a boon to ayurveda.


Studies are being carried out to find out whether neem can be used in children. Till now, no evidences have been found. There is a possibility of some reactions in case of children and infants. So, neem should be avoided in children.


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