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Licorice (Yastimadhu)

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Licorice is well known for treating cough and sore throats. It reduces the inflammation and soothes the ulcers too. Licorice is widely used for treating many ailments like asthma, body odor, dandruff, cough, heartburn, ulcers, yeast infections, gout, tooth decay, etc.

Benefits of Licorice:

•  Treats stomach ulcers

•  Prevents sore throat

•  Cures cough

•  Prevents viral infections

•  Treats bronchitis

This natural herb also helps in the treatment of food poisoning. Licorice is beneficial for curing urinary infections.

Licorice acts as an expectorant. It soothes the cough, sore throat and prevents respiratory disorders. It possesses cough suppressant properties. Licorice is used in the preparation of many cough lozenges and syrups.

This natural herbal supplement treats minor skin infections including eczema and psoriasis. Licorice provides relief from gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers too.

Regular use of Licorice prevents heartburn and indigestion. It also helps to lower down the cholesterol levels in the blood. It prevents liver diseases and kidney problems.

It is also known that Licorice prevents heart diseases. Licorice also treats diabetes.

FAQs about Licorice:

•  Is Licorice safe?

Licorice is safe to take. But it should be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers. People having problem of liver dysfunction should avoid Licorice.

•  In what form can I take Licorice?

Licorice is available in the form of tablets, capsules, tea and powder.

•  Does Licorice help to treat obesity?

Yes. Licorice is known to treat obesity.

•  How many tablets of Licorice should I take?

One or two tablets or capsules should be taken twice daily after the meals. It should be taken for 3-4 weeks to see some visible results.


Researches have been conducted to find out the benefits of Licorice. It has been found that Licorice is beneficial in treating cough and sore throats. It also prevents respiratory disorders.


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