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Kapikacchu (Mucuna Pruriens)

Kapikacchu has been used effectively since the last many centuries. It is a helpful herb which increases the sperm count of an individual. Kapikacchu possesses aphrodisiac properties. It is known that this natural herb helps to boost and increase the testosterone levels.

Kapikacchu is also used as a nerve tonic. It also enhances the mental functioning. Many medicinal practitioners recommend Kapikacchu to maintain the nervous strength. It also boosts up the mood and enhances the sexual power in humans.

This natural herb is widely used by body builders and athletes as a sports medicine.


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Kapikacchu More Information

Increases the Sperm Count and Sexual disorders:

People suffering from oligospermia (Low sperm count) should consume Kapikacchu regularly. Studies have proved that Kapikacchu is beneficial in increasing the sperm count and helps to regularize the ovulation in women. It is also beneficial to prevent the male and female sterility.

Kapikacchu should be taken by the people who have a low sexual drive or lack sexual behavior. This natural herb has been put into several tests and studies and it has been found that it is beneficial in male sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and sperm pathologies.

It is also known that Kapikacchu is useful in increasing male vigor and vitality. It is also used widely in spermatorrhea and to treat sexual disability. Kapikacchu has very potent effects. The seed powders of Kapikacchu can be taken with sugar or honey and milk to get maximum benefit. The hot concoction of the seeds is an excellent remedy for premature ejaculation in men. The seeds can be helpful for lactating mothers too.

Kapikacchu acts on the nervous system and elevates its functioning. It boosts up the mood for sexuality and co-ordination. It has also been known that Kapikacchu helps to improve the libido. It is also beneficial in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Mental health:

Kapikacchu is known for increasing the efficiency of the brain. It also imparts mental alertness. This natural ayurvedic herb is beneficial in smooth brain functioning.

Muscular Strength:

Kapikacchu is beneficial in increasing the muscle mass of the body. It boosts up the stamina of the body.

Other Benefits:

  • A very good importance of Kapikacchu is that it can treat Parkisnon’s disease.
  • Kapikacchu also helps in curing paralysis.
  • In some cases, Kapikacchu can be helpful in treating bed wetting too.



FAQs about Kapikacchu:


Can Kapikacchu help in losing weight?

Kapikacchu can prove helpful for the people who want to lose weight and it also increases the muscles in the body. It breaks down the extra body fats and helps in weight loss.

Is it safe for the people suffering from depression to consume Kapikacchu?

It is completely safe to take Kapikacchu when someone is suffering from depression or stress. This natural herb works on the nervous system and treats nervous problems also. It also elevates the mood.

Is Kapikacchu beneficial in renal problems?

The decoction of the roots of the plant helps in renal problems and dysuria.

What is the recommended dose of Kapikacchu?

One or two capsules of Kapikacchu herb can be taken twice daily after meal, preferably with milk.

Are there any side effects of the herb?

It is completely safe to take Kapikacchu. There are no known side effects of the herb.

What if I miss out a dose?

If a dose of Kapikacchu is missed, take it as soon as possible. But two doses together should not be taken.


A study was carried out among the people who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. They were given Kapikacchu for almost twelve weeks and significant reductions in the Parkinson’s disease were seen.


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