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Amla treats the Iron Deficiency / Anemia Effectively

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amlaAmla is used to treat the anemia. Anemia is a condition which is caused due to lack of blood in the body. It is a common disorder these days. The amount of red blood cells (RBC) reduces in the body. RBCs contain haemoglobin. Iron is essential in the formation of haemoglobin. The skin turns pale due to deficiency of iron. Amla is a rich source of iron. Hence, intake of amla helps to treat anemia.

Benefits of Amla:

  • Cures Anemia
  • Prevents Anti-ageing
  • Maintains blood sugar levels
  • Cures hypertension
  • Natural eye tonic
  • Promotes hair growth


Uses of Amla:


Natural cure for anemia:

Amla is a rich source of iron and Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron. Amla supplements can be effectively used to treat iron deficiency anemia.

Hair Growth:

Dried amla fruit can be boiled in coconut oil and this mixture should be applied on scalp and hair. This oil promotes the growth of hair and prevents premature graying of hair. It also prevents baldness.

Maintains Blood Sugar:

Amla juice mixed with bitter gourd juice helps in lowering down the blood sugar levels. Amla can also be taken in the form of capsules to control diabetes.


Amla is effective in preventing hypertension as it controls the blood pressure.


Amla helps to preserve the stamina of the body. It also boosts the immunity system and prevents ageing process.

Maintains the cholesterol levels:

Amla is an effective herb for treating high cholesterol. It strengthens the heart muscles and decreases the cholesterol levels.

Other Benefits:


  • Amla is an effective remedy for curing diarrhea and dysentery.
  • It prevents menstrual disorders.
  • Amla improves the eye sight and helps to correct the vision.
  • Amla juice is a natural remedy for treating cough and cold.
  • It treats constipation.
  • Use of amla helps to prevent heart diseases also.
  • Amla can also be used to cure acidity.
  • It acts as a natural eye tonic and cures eye disorders.
  • It reduces the white spots on the nails.
  • It helps to maintain the body weight.


FAQs about Amla:


In what form should Amla be taken?

Dried or fresh amla fruit can be taken. Amla powder can also be used.

amlakiDoes Amla have any effect on heart?

Amla strengthens the heart muscles.

How does amla help the digestive system?

Amla helps in absorption of food. It increases the appetite. It helps to maintain the weight. Amla treats constipation also.

Does amla help to purify the blood?

Amla purifies the blood.

How does amla help the hair?

Amla promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying of hair. Intake of amla also helps to provide shine to the hair and makes them strong.



Studies have shown that amla is a good source of iron. Use of amla treats the iron deficiency anemia effectively. Amla has too many benefits and it is completely safe to take amla.


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