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Increase height

Increase height

Pack Size:6 Strips of 10 Capsules 60 Capsules in One Pack

1 Pack : $ 45
2 Pack : $ 63
3 Pack : $ 89
5 Pack : $ 140

Every one of us want to look taller. Don’t you? Fortunately, you do not have to spend dollars now. We bring an excellent product for increasing the height naturally. If you are looking for a supplement which would help you to increase some inches of your height, this is the right product for you.

It also helps to maintain a healthy body. This product provides necessary nutrition to the bones. Regular use of this product makes you grow taller and helps you reach your peak height naturally. This product is specially designed to boost and regenerate your natural growth. It would also help to improve the overall health and physical performance.

This product improves the overall posture of your body. It helps in the normal growth and development of the bones of the body. It also facilitates growth in the joints, muscles and cartilages. It helps in building the muscular mass and also promotes the growth of new cells and tissues. It boosts the natural growth and development of the body and helps the body in gaining height naturally.

All the ingredients of this product are natural and herbal. Hence, it is 100% safe and natural. It does not produce any side or harmful effects. This product also helps to boost up the performance of the vital organs of the body. It also helps to increase the activities of the organs of the body. Regular use of this product retards the process of ageing.

This wonderful product helps to boost the body metabolism and provides nutritional support to the body. It is known to be effective in increasing the height and growth of the body. It also activates the glands and improves the blood circulation in the body.

Regular use of this product would help you to improve your physical appearance and attractive personality. There is nothing to worry about if you’re short heighted. Make use of this product and gain height naturally.


How long should I use this product to get some results?

This product starts acting in couple of months. Generally, it can take about 3-4 months to get some visible results. To get the maximum benefits, make use of this product for 4-6 months regularly.

How long height can be increased after I use this product?

On an average, 1 to 6 inches of height can be increased by using this product.

Does this product work for everyone?

This is an ideal product for someone who is looking for increasing their height. It can make you grow taller.

What are the precautions I should take to increase my height?

Eat a nutritious and balanced diet. Exercise daily. This wonderful product plays a major role in increasing the height and growth of the body naturally.


Shatawar, Talmakhana, malkangni , Shiligeet , Kaunch Beej, are such hebs Which provide required energy to the body .

Malkangni is specific for the brain & whole system depends on the thinking of the human kind & that is is why the combination of these herbs helps in restoring heath & height .
According to ayurveda this capsule is an important and effective combination of herbs that cures gland related diseases .

Let’s improve your heath by using these capsules, by these capsules height increases according to the age , these capsules are made from pure Indian herbs which are very important in “Ayurveda”. These capsules are made up of natural herbs so is dose not carry any side effects. It’s demand is getting increased day by day. Don’t be get dishearted by small height factor .

Nots :

  • This preparation is purely Ayurvedic and is found to be free from any side effect .
  • Exercise like jogging Chin-up, Yoga, Stretching and free hand side effect
    Aerobics are beneficial when going for Height Up.
  • Due to different internal infrastructures of human bodies , the results the usage
    May vary from person to person.
  • the usage of medicine is advised for a minimum of three months. If medicine
    Would not, in any way effect your body
  • it is quite effective for people in the age group of 10 to 25 years .

Avoid:- food which cause constipation & acidity

Dose:- One cap. Twice a day with milk or fruit juice or as directed by the physician.

Ingredient / Composition Each capsule contains

Sudh Shilajeet 20mg.
Mucuna Prurita 100mg.
Ficus Religiosa 100mg
Curcuma Longa 50mg
Asteracantha Longifolia 50 mg
Celastrus Panniculatus 25mg
Asparagus Recemosus 30mg
Embelica officinale 50mg
Mesva ferrae 25mg


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