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Holy Basil - Tulsi

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TulsiTulsi or Holy Basil plant is worshipped in India. There are many known benefits of this natural herb. Tulsi has many medicinal uses.

Health benefits of Tulsi:

  • Boosts the immunity system
  • Treats common fever ad cold
  • Cures cough
  • Treats respiratory disorders
  • Prevents heart problems

Fever and common cold:

Tulsi leaves are known to be very effective in treating fevers and maintaining the normal body temperatures. Tea made up of tulsi leaves treats dengue fever and malaria too. A decoction of tulsi leaves, cardamom powder, honey and milk should be taken thrice daily to treat fevers and lower down the body temperatures.

An extract of this miraculous herb can be taken every 1-2 hours to get quick relief from fevers and common colds.

Tulsi is used to fight the viral and fungal infections.


Tulsi is used to treat dry and wet coughs since ages. This natural herb is used in preparation of Ayurvedic syrups and medicines which helps to cure coughs. Chewing a few tulsi leaves can be beneficial in treating coughs and cold.

For the treatment of sore throats, a concoction made by boiling tulsi leaves in water can be taken at frequent intervals. This mixture can also be used for gargling to get some relief from sore throat.

Respiratory system:

Tulsi is effectively used to prevent some respiratory disorders. This herb is a helpful remedy fHoly Basilor treating asthma, bronchitis, influenza and colds. A decoction should be made by boiling tulsi leaves in water and should be mixed with honey and ginger extract.

Other benefits of Tulsi:

  • Holy basil helps to treat some heart disorders.
  • It is also useful to lower down the cholesterol levels.
  • Tulsi is also used as an anti stress herb.
  • This herb is also beneficial in treating certain skin problems like ring worm, leucoderma, etc. A paste of tulsi can be applied on the wounds and injuries for some relief.
  • It is also known that this herb helps to purify the blood.
  • A decoction of leaves can be helpful in treating headaches. Crushed leaves or paste of tulsi leaves mixed along with sandalwood paste can be effective in curing headaches.
  • People suffering from renal kidney stones should consume tulsi leaves in any form as this herb strengthens the kidneys too.
  • Another benefit of this herb is that it helps to improve the memory.

FAQs about Tulsi:

Can Tulsi be helpful in insect bites?

This herb is known to have curative properties for insect bites. Fresh juice of tulsi should be consumed at regular intervals of time to get relief from the pain. A paste can be applied on the affected areas to get relief.

How can I store Basil?

The fresh Tulsi leaves should be put in Plastic bags and stored in a refrigerator. It should be taken care of sealing the plastic bags before putting it in a fridge.

In what form should I take tulsi if I want to cure mouth ulcers?

Chewing a few tulsi leaves can help in curing the mouth ulcers. A decoction can also be made by boiling tulsi leaves in water and adding some honey to it.

Can Tulsi help in Asthma?

Tulsi is known to be very beneficial in treating Asthma. Intake of tulsi relieves the congestion and makes the breathing easier.

How can Tulsi help to preserve oral health?

Tulsi helps to kill the bacteria which are responsible for causing plaque, bad breath and cavities. It also prevents the teeth from falling. It also strengthens the gums.

Does Tulsi help in relieving stress?

Tulsi soothes and calms the nerves and lowers down the Blood Pressure. As this herb contains anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, it is effective in reducing the stress.

Can Tulsi help in destroying the worms in stomach?

Yes. Tulsi can be helpful in destroying the worms in stomach. It also treats some stomach disorders and infections.


Studies have proved that Tulsi can treat any type of cough. Ayurvedic syrups containing Tulsi can cure cough and sore throat. Holy Basil helps to treat the congestion in throat, lungs and chest


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