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Haritaki is widely used as a mild laxative since centuries. It also possesses anti spasmodic, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It is quite strange and surprising that Haritaki is a combination of all the tastes except salty taste. This natural herb is being used for curing ailments and diseases since the last few thousand years.

The botanical name of Haritaki is Terminalia chebula. It helps in cleansing the body and regulates the bowel movements. It provides relief from constipation.


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Uses of Haritaki herb:

  • It is used as a mild laxative
  • Cures conjunctivitis
  • Treats mouth ulcers and throat infections
  • Treats gout
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves memory



Health benefits of Haritaki:



Haritaki helps to treat constipation. Being a mild laxative, Haritaki is known to regulate the bowel movements and cures constipation. It also keeps the digestive tract clean and avoids gastric disorders. This herb can be taken for a long duration as it has no side effects. It helps to eliminate all the waste products from the body.

It also promotes the appetite and aids digestion process.


Gargling with the decoction of Haritaki is beneficial for treating the mouth ulcers and sore throat.

Nervous system:

Haritaki helps to strengthen the nervous system. It treats the nervous weakness efficiently. Haritaki improves the memory too.

Sexual diseases:

Haritaki can be used to treat some sexual diseases. It prevents the discharges from the vagina and urethra.

Skin Problems:

Haritaki is known to be useful in treating skin problems and skin diseases.


It has recently been found that Haritaki can be used in treating Gout. Haritaki powder and jiggery can be mixed together and this mixture can be taken to treat gout.

Kidney stones:

As Haritaki promotes the cleansing, it also helps to get rid of the kidney stones. Along with the bowel movement, Haritaki also promotes the urine expel from the body which in turn reduces the effect of kidney stones.

Weight Loss:

Haritaki promotes weight loss. Haritaki powder mixed with honey should be taken on empty stomach to treat obesity and induce weight loss.

Other benefits:

  • Haritaki treats hiccups and asthma.
  • Haritaki paste can be applied on the eyelids to get relief from conjunctivitis.
  • t prevents the bleeding of the gums.
  • It is known to stimulate the bowel movement.


FAQs about Haritaki:


Can Haritaki be useful in treating fever?

Haritaki can be given to the patients suffering from fever. This herb is completely safe.

Can Haritaki be taken by pregnant women?

Haritaki should be avoided in pregnant women.

Does Haritaki help in maintaining the cholesterol levels?

Haritaki reduces the effects of fatty and oily foods on the body. It can be given to people who do overeating. This is a good supplement which helps to lower down the cholesterol.

Can it help to treat anemia?

Powdered Haritaki should be mixed with honey and ghee. This is an effective remedy for treating anemia.


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