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Dried Ginger is known as Sunthi. This herb is an excellent remedy for nausea and morning sickness. Sunthi is grown in India, Japan, China, Africa and many other countries. Ginger or Sunthi is used as a spice and a flavoring agent.

Uses of Sunthi:

  • Nausea
  • Common cold and flu
  • Bronchitis
  • Headaches
  • Cough
  • Morning sickness


gingerBenefits of Sunthi:


Sunthi is a very useful herb which helps to prevent nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Studies have proved that sunthi has the property to treat nausea. Sunthi aids digestion and averts nausea. It is considered as an effective herb to avoid gastric problems.

Ginger is widely used to cure stomach aches and diarrhea too. This herb is known to be very useful in preventing nausea caused due to pregnancy and chemotherapy. It can also useful in the treatment of nausea caused by motion.

Morning Sickness:

Sunthi is known to be beneficial in treating morning sickness, vomiting and travel sickness. Research has shown that Sunthi helps to treat nausea caused due to sea sickness.

Sunthi prevents the acidity and indigestion too. It can also be used to cure stomach cramps. Regular intake of sunthi can help you get rid of morning sickness.

Sore throat:

Sunthi is very effective in treating sore throat. It stimulates the flow of saliva and cure sore throat. For treating dry cough, roasted pieces of sunthi should be sucked.

Heart diseases:

Sunthi is very effective herbal supplement for heart. It prevents the blood clotting and avoids heart diseases. As it lowers down the blood cholesterol, it makes the heart healthy.

Other benefits of Sunthi:

  • Sunthi is a natural herb which helps to treat certain mental disorders.
  • It reduces the pain and inflammation
  • This herb cures the intestinal worms
  • It is a popular herb to cure arthritis
  • It prevents digestive disorders


FAQs about Sunthi:

sunthiDoes Sunthi help to cure the muscular pain?

Sunthi is useful to cure muscular and joints pain. Decoction or tea made up of sunthi helps to relieve the pain.

What effect does Sunthi have on digestive system?

Sunthi aids the process of digestion. It treats the stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, indigestion, diarrhea and other digestive disorders.

Is it safe for the people to take sunthi when have undergone chemotherapy?

Sunthi is very effective for treating nausea in the people who have undergone chemotherapy.

Does Sunthi help to stimulate appetite?

Sunthi is known to act positively on appetite. It stabilizes the appetite too.

What form of Sunthi should be taken?

Sunthi can be used in any form. A tea or decoction made of sunthi can be used to avail the benefits of this wonder herb. Capsules and tablets of sunthi are also available in markets.



A study was carried out amongst the people who suffer from nausea and morning sickness. Powdered ginger (sunthi) was boiled in water and given to them. When the decoction was taken by the people suffering from nausea, the nausea effect was reduced after drinking the decoction three times; while in some cases, it was completely cured after consumption of the mixture for three times. It has also been found that Sunthi can be safely used for treating hangovers. Sipping one or two cups of hot ginger tea can provide relief from hangovers.


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