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Beauty Breast Oil and Breast Capsules


Pack Size- 60 ml

2 Bottles : $ 35
3 Bottles : $ 49
4 Bottles : $ 63
6 Bottles : $ 89
10 Bottles : $ 140

This oil useful in the maintenance of youth healthy life, improves luster and complexion of the body, as it increases the activity of all sensory and motor nerves, in modern time the development of the breast in young girls is not up to the mark due to stress, strain, fatigue, mental pressure, lack of exercise etc.

The massage of this oil is helpful in the development of breast by giving strength to the sensory and motor nerves of the breast.

Tones up the muscle

Avoid Fried , spicy and rich food .

For better result take one capsules of brust 36 twice a day with warm milk along with this oil


Massage for fine to ten minutes from lower side to upper side on the breast after clean with wet towel with light pressure of hands twice a day or as directed by the physician .


Withania somnifera 25mg
Asparagus racemosus 25mg
Acorus Calamus Linn 10mg
Achyranthes aspera 10mg
Terminalia chebula 10mg
Tinospora cordifulia 10mg
Embelia ribes 10mg
Datura metel 10mg
Symplocos racemosa 10mg
Pterocarpus santalinus 10mg
Sesamum indicum 1000mg

Breast Capsules


Pack Size
3 Strips of 10 Capsules
30 Capsules in One Pack

2 Pack : $ 35
3 Pack : $ 49
4 Pack : $ 63
6 Pack : $ 89
10 Pack : $ 140

It is a multivitamin food supplement derived form natural sources useful in vitamin and mineral deficiency , provide shape and beauty to the woman, maintains yovan (young age) in the woman. Its ingredients like safed Musli. Ashwangandha, Shatawar, vodari Kand etc. are best herbal tonic available in Ayurvedic Science.
It specifically gives strength to the breast to look beautiful.

Mulathi— Dissolves extra fat from the body .

Theser herbs are highly useful in developing the under developed breast by enhancing an optimizing blood circulation around breast tissue .

It also helps in removing the weakness of pregnancy.

Spicy food & fried things .

Green vegetables , fruits, light diet .

One capsules twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician .

Each capsules contain

Withania somnifera ext. 100mg
Asparagus adscendens 25mg
Curculigo orchiloides 25mg
Asparagus racemosus ext 100mg
Pueraria tuberose ext. 25mg
Berveris aristata 50mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra 50mg
Terminala chebula 25mg

For better result use brust oil along with this capsule

Many women lack confidence because of their breasts size. Every woman yearns to have fuller and voluminous breasts.

Bigger breasts make a woman look attractive and sexy. This natural product helps to enlarge the breasts naturally. Regular use of this product would give you bigger and lifted breasts.

This is an ideal product for women who are looking to enlarge their breasts naturally. This product stimulates the fat tissues and provides well-shaped breasts. It also prevents sagging of the breasts.

Regular use of the product tones up the bust and improves the skin texture also. Within a few weeks, you would notice increase in the bust size. It also redefines the cleavage. Use this product and get an attractive and fuller bust line.

This product would help you get firm and fuller breasts. It also prevents the breasts from the damage caused by free radicals. Unlike other products, it does not cause sagging or drooping of the breasts. It promotes the growth of new cells and also renews old cells of the breasts.

So, what’re you waiting for? Use this wonderful product and have larger and firmer breasts.


  • Enlarges the breasts naturally
  • Tones up the bust line
  • Stimulates the growth of new cells
  • Improves the blood circulation in breasts
  • Helps in regulating the female hormone



Can this product help in increasing the breast size?

This product is very effective in increasing the breast size naturally. It gives bigger and firmer breasts within a short time.

Are there any side or harmful effects of this product?

This product contains all the natural and herbal ingredients. It does not produce any side or harmful effects. It is completely safe and natural.

For how long should I take this product to get some remarkable results?

It is advisable to use the product for 3-4 months for consistently for breast enlargement and firmess.

Can this product cause sagging of the breasts?
This product does not cause sagging of the breasts. In fact, this wonderful product prevents sagging of breasts and enhances the breasts naturally.

Can I use this product along with other breast firming products?

Yes. This product can be taken along with other breast firming products to get maximum benefits.

I am 65 years old women looking for breast firming products. Will this product work for me?

This product can be used by women of any age groups. It works well for women at any age.
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