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60 Organic Capsules per Bottle

2 Bottles : $ 19

Bacopa Monniera Brahmi is a traditional herb which is found in marshy areas of India. It has been used as an ayurvedic medicine since ages. There are many health benefits of this natural herb. The main use of Brahmi is to promote mental health and provides relief from stress.

Brahmi is known worldwide to be a memory booster and alerts the mind too. The main benefit of is that brahmi relieves the nervous congestion and gives a soothing feel. Regular intake of brahmi provides mental calmness. People who are depressed and stressed should consume brahmi to get relief.

Uses of Brahmi:

  • Hypertension
  • Memory Loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mental stress
  • Headache

Curative properties of brahmi:

Nervous System:

Brahmi acts as an excellent nerve tonic. It is known to raise the mental performance. Brahmi has been used as a stress relieving herb since ages. Researches also show that use of brahmi increases the learning power and capacity. Ancient gurus had been using this herb for treating epilepsy and other mental disorders.

Brahmi acts on the mental system and reduces the anxiety and mental stress. Regular intake of brahmi provides freshness to the mind. It almost treats all the mental disorders and depression related problems. This natural herb is popular for memory enhancing and it erases all the memory and rain related problems.

People suffering from hypertension can also take brahmi to get relief from it. Since ages, brahmi is being used as a natural treatment for major mental health problems.

IBacopa Monniera, brahmit is also known that brahmi helps in curing insomnia also. People who suffer from sleep disorders should start taking brahmi to get some relief. Taking brahmi with a glass of warm milk can do wonders.

Whether you want to get relief from depression, hypertension, anxiety, loss of memory, sleeplessness, mental retardation or insanity, brahmi does it all.


Brahmi oil helps in treating many kinds of hair problems. It cures hair loss and dandruff problems. Brahmi nourishes the hair and prevents premature graying of hair. Regular use also avoids split ends.

Digestive system:

It has been found that brahmi aids the process of digestion. It helps the stomach to break down the food and acts as a good digestive promoter.

Menstrual disorders:

Brahmi can be effectively used for curing the menstrual problems. It also treats the pain during menses.

Other Benefits:

  • Brahmi helps to detoxify the body.
  • It also treats asthma.
  • This natural herb can be used for treating cold and cough effectively.
  • Brahmi treats the body weakness and increases the energy levels of the body.
  • In some cases, brahmi is known to treat the fevers also as brahmi helps to maintain the normal body temperatures.
  • Brahmi helps to maintain the blood pressures too.

FAQs about Brahmi:

In what form can brahmi be taken?

As Brahmi is rich in Vitamin C, it can be mixed in salads and soups. Capsules and tablets are also available easily in the markets. Brahmi oil can be applied on the hair and scalp for nourishment.

Is it safe to take brahmi when someone has suffered from a stroke or nervous breakdown?

It is completely safe to take brahmi for the people who have suffered from a stroke or nervous reakdown.

Is brahmi safe for children?

Brahmi is completely safe for children. No damaging effects have been found in children till now.

What if I miss the dose?

If you miss a dose, then do not worry. Take it whenever you can, as soon as possible. But do not take 2 doses at a time.

How to take brahmi?

One or two capsules of brahmi should be taken twice a day daily. It can be swallowed with water or milk.

Are there any side effects of taking brahmi?

Till now, there are no evidences of any side effect of brahmi in humans.

Can Brahmi help in mood fluctuations?

Brahmi can be used in treating the mood fluctuations too.

How long should I consume brahmi to get visible results?

The results could be seen after 3-4 days of consumption. For sever problems, it may take one to two weeks to view results.

Does Brahmi have any tranquilizing effects?

Brahmi does not have any sedative effects. There will be no dulling effect when brahmi is consumed.



Researches show that Brahmihas the property of anti-anxiety, relaxing, memory-enhancing, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, immuno-modulating and anti-inflammatory effects in pharmacological studies.

In human trials, Brahmi shows that it helps to improve the swiftness of visual information processing, learning rate and memory consolidation, and state of anxiety.


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