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Bael for Intestinal infections Treatment

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60 Organic Capsules per Bottle

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Bael fruit has many medicinal properties. The ripe bael fruit is aromatic and astringent. The unripe fruit or half-ripe form of fruit helps to improve the digestive system and stomach disorders.

The juice of bael can be used to make drinks and lemonades. The fruit promotes digestive health and cures several problems associated with the digestive system.

Benefits of Bael:


Ripe bael fruit is regarded as a good laxative. It helps to cleanse the body and the clears up the intestine. Ripe bael fruit should be taken for two to three months to eliminate the old faecal matters. Bael can be taken in the form of sherbet or as pulp of the ripe fruit. Bael is considered to be an excellent remedy for treating constipation.

Diarrhea and dysentery:

The unripe or half ripe fruit can be effective in treating diarrhea and dysentery. Unripe fruit of bael can be taken with jaggery or brown sugar. The bael fruit can also be sliced and dried in the sun. These slices can be also be taken in a powdered form.

Peptic ulcers:

Bael leaves can be boiled in water and taken for treating peptic ulcers. The leaves of bael can be soaked overnight and strained water can be taken every morning to cure peptic ulcers. This mixture is known to be very effective in the treatment of peptic ulcers.

Respiratory infections:

Oil made from bael leaves can be used to treat some respiratory infections. The oil can be massaged on the scalp to get relief from cough and cold. The extracted juice of bael can be used to treat colds and coughs.

FAQs about Bael:

•  Can the medicated oil made of bael juice be used for treating recurring colds?

The medicated oil can be effectively used for curing recurring colds. The oil should be massaged on the scalp to get relief from colds.

•  In what quantity should bael be taken daily by an adult?

About 70-75 grams of the pulp can be taken by an adult daily to avail the benefits.

•  Does bael have antiseptic properties?

Bael fruit possesses antiseptic properties. It is an effective remedy for treating ear infections and respiratory infections.



•  Are there any side effects of bael?

If taken in adequate quantities, bael has no side effects. But bael should not be taken regularly at a stretch as it can cause heaviness in the stomach. The excessive intake of bael should also be avoided.


Researches have been carried out the find the benefits of bael. It has been found that cologne can also be made from bael. The pulp of the fruit can also be mixed with color to use it as a protective coating on paintings.




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