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Yauvanamrita Vati

Divya Yauvanamrita Vati
Sale Price $ 35
Size 5 gm x 2


(5 grams of Divya Yauvanamrita Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy. Approximately 40 tablets per bottle.)

Availability: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.
Shipping:  Free shipping to any country in the world.

Direction for use : 1 tablet, twice a day.

Yauvanamrita Vati helps to reduce the fatigue and weakness of the body. It also nourishes the cells and tissues of the body. Yauvanamrita Vati is known to promote the sexual desire. It makes the body active.

This herb helps the body to regain the strength lost during sexual activity. It helps to increase the strength in the muscles and also increases the sexual desire. Yauvanamrita Vati is beneficial for the old people who have less desire for sexual activity. Use of Yauvanamrita Vati helps to increase the sexual desire and provides the required energy.

Yauvanamrita Vati helps to activate the sexual centres of the brain. The brain produces the stimulus for the sexual activity. Hence, in this way, this herb increases the sexual desire. Yauvanamrita Vati also increases the sexual energy.

Yauvanamrita Vati also helps in the formation of good quality of sperms. Thin and weak people can take this wonderful herb to gain the strength of the body. It is a recommended herb for the people who are entering old age. It energizes the body cells and boosts up the energy levels of the body.

It is also known that Yauvanamrita Vati treats impotency. It also prevents premature ejaculation. Yauvanamrita Vati generates youthfulness.

In women, it cures the infertility. Yauvanamrita Vati is a good remedy for reducing the fatigue and tiredness due to loss of blood during menstruation.

FAQs about Yauvanamrita Vati:

Does Yauvanamrita Vati help to increase the libido?

Yauvanamrita Vati increases the libido as it helps to increase the sexual desire. It promotes spermatogenesis also.

Can Yauvanamrita Vati provide energy to the body?

Yauvanamrita Vati helps the fatigued and exhausted persons as it provides the energy to the body. It also builds up the strength to perform the sexual activity.

How should I take Yauvanamrita Vati tablets?

1 or 2 tablets should be taken twice daily with warm milk or water.

What effect does Yauvanamrita Vati have on the heart and brain?

Yauvanamrita Vati is known to strengthen the heart and brain. It stimulates the heart to produce more blood and to transport it to the parts of the body including genital parts. Yauvanamrita Vati stimulates the brain to produce more hormones to enhance the sexual desire.

Can Yauvanamrita Vati be taken by men and women?

Yauvanamrita Vati can be taken by men and women for increasing the sexual desire.


Researches have been conducted to know the benefits of Yauvanamrita Vati. It has been found that this herb gives energy to the body and increases the working capacity of the body. It also increases the vitality and vigor of the body.

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