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Amla for Eyes, Digestion and General Health

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Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry is widely used as an ayurvedic herb. Medical researches have been done in New Zealand, Germany, India and many other countries across the globe. Being rich in Vitamin C, it is widely used as a natural herb. Amla is used as a laxative and rejuvenator. Apart from being diuretic, amla has many medicinal benefits. It can be eaten raw or powdered form. Some other forms are also used. It is not only rich in Vitamins; it also contains high amounts of fats, carbohydrates and tannins.


Benefits of Amla:


  • Aids digestion
  • Excellent rejuvenator
  • Helps in controlling Blood Pressure
  • Improves eye-sight
  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Supportive herb for diabetes


Natural Benefits and Curative Properties:


Amla is a boon for patients suffering from diabetes. People with diabetes should take amla juice on empty stomach every morning. Amla also inhibits the production of advanced glycosylated end products. Many experts advice diabetes patients to consume amla rather than going for other medical and surgical methods. Being rich in Vitamin C or anti oxidants, amla can also be used for hypertension and high blood pressure.


Amla is also used for lowering down the cholesterol. It can be consumed raw or in any other form. If you follow the diet restrictions properly, then it is easy to keep cholesterol under control.


It also aids digestion in the body. If you take amla regularly, then you can get the maximum benefits of the food that you eat. It helps to digest the food easily. Amla can also provide relief to your burning stomach and acidity.

Brain and Nervous System:

Amla is also known to be a good brain tonic as it helps in improving memory. Massage with amla oil daily before going to bed can relax the brain and remove stress. It also strengthens the nervous system.


These days, we all pop up so many pain killers which weaken the liver. Intake of amla can provide strength to the liver. It is an effective herb for blood circulation in the body. This natural herb also helps to purify the blood.

amla treeRespiratory System:

This great natural fruit also possess the properties of avoiding respiratory disorders. The herb is also used as antibacterial and astringent source. It helps in curing cough and asthma also. A teaspoon of amla juice taken along with warm milk can help to treat cough.

Weight Loss:

People who exercise daily should consume amla regularly. Amla increases the metabolism and helps to burn the fats faster. So, intake of amla can help you become slim and beautiful too.


As amla possesses cooling property, it is an excellent natural herbal remedy for diarrhea and dysentry.

Reproductive System:

It can also be use for reproductive disorders. The juice of the herb can be effectively used for burning sensation in the vagina. Amla seeds can help to provide relief from menstrual disorders too.


Amla tones up the heart and avoids certain heart diseases. It can also save you from heart attacks. It also helps in strengthening the heart muscles.

Skin and Hair:

Regular use of amla can make your skin glow and prevents aging and wrinkles. Pimples and acne can be treated by consuming amla juice along with neem. This helps to purify the blood and get rid of pimples. Many Indian women have switched over to amla rather than using chemicals-loaded shampoos and oils. This blessed natural herb gives good results for hair loss. Not only hair loss, it also prevents premature graying of the hair. It is also helpful for treating dandruff.


Its use can help in improving eyesight. Cataracts can also be treated by making use of this herb. Amla can also help in calming down the stressful eyes.


FAQs about Amla:

Is Amla habit-forming herb? If I start taking amla, do I need to take it daily?

If you want to boost your immunity system, you should consume amla daily. Amla guards your body from several micro-organisms. But this useful herb is not habit-forming.

Can amla be consumed if I don't have any disease or disorder?

There are no harmful effects of amla. On the other hand, it rejuvenates the body. Even if you do not have any disease, taking amla can keep you away from heart diseases and skin allergies. It can also help in maintaining the weight.

Does amla help in curing acidity?

No wonder, amla is a very good herbal medicine for acidity. Having amla fruit with water can help in getting instant relief from acidity.

Is amla good for digestion?

Amla is a valuable gift for digestive system. It improves appetite, acidity, constipation and gastric problems. Gastric ulcers can also be treated with use of amla.

Can amla be used as a natural conditioner?

Many Indian women use amla to wash their hair. Amla is indeed a very good natural conditioner. Amla oil can also be used for shiny and silky hair.

Where does this herbal medicine grow?

Amla is generally found in deciduous forests in India. It is also grown in some other countries like Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Does amla contain vitamins?

Amla possesses 20 times more vitamins than orange.

Are there any other ways apart from raw and juice for consuming amla?

Pickles, jam and sugar syrups are made from amla and preserved for a long time.

How does amla act as a laxative?

Amla is rich in fibers and that's the reason why it is used as laxative.

How can the loss of Vitamin C present in Amla be avoided?

Even when amla is baked, cooked or boiled, the Vitamin C content in it does not get affected.


Clinical Studies:

Researchers have found that amla is a great natural herb which is useful in several ways. It possesses the properties to cure acidity, constipation, improve eye-sight, provides relief to stress and many more. This natural herb can present good fitness and wellness to your body.


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