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Aloe indica (Aloe vera)

aloe vera plantWhen we think of the natural remedy for skin or health problems, what comes to your mind first? Aloe Vera, of course! With more than 200 types of this natural God Gift herb, it is widely used for hair, skin and body. It is commonly available as juice form or gel form. Aloe Vera is used in several cosmetics and gels too. Even if you do not have any problems, you can consume Aloe Vera juice and apply gels as this will help you to improve the health by natural way. It is also used as a natural herbal supplement also.


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More About Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is completely safe herbal supplement. It is a miraculous herb for skin and body. A good reason to use Aloe Vera can be cure from hair fall, prevent cancer or treating burns.

Benefits of Aloe Vera:

  • Lowers the cholesterol
  • Cures Wounds and cuts
  • Controls diabetes
  • Maintains Blood Pressure
  • Prevents arthritis
  • Helps in detoxification
  • Makes the skin healthy and nourished
  • Cleanses the digestive system
  • Anti-aging properties

Immunity System:

Having detoxification properties, Aloe Vera is widely used to cleanse the digestive and the circulatory system. It helps to improve the blood circulation of the body and keeps it away from bacteria and other infections. Daily intake of Aloe Vera helps to make the immunity system strong.

Anti-aging properties:

Aloe Vera possesses anti-aging properties. The aloe vera gel or cream is absorbed by the skin easily and reaches up to the muscles and the bones. It helps to nourish and rejuvenate the cells. Aloe Vera is well known for making the skin healthy.

Healthy Skin:

Aloe Vera is a known herbal supplement for making your skin healthy and nourished. It also helps in detoxification. As it helps in protein absorption too, it is widely used for making the skin healthy which makes you look younger.

Maintains Blood Sugar:

Diabetic patients should take Aloe Vera in any form to maintain their blood sugar levels. Aloe Vera pure gel can also be consumed mixed with the dough which is used to make breads and chapattis. The results for diabetes would be visible only after a month of regular intake.

Blood Pressure:

Aloe Vera is well-known natural herbal supplement used to maintain the blood pressure in the body. As Aloe Vera improves the blood circulation, it greatly helps to control the blood pressures.


Being anti-inflammatory in nature, Aloe Vera is known to be useful for treating arthritis. Aloe Vera can be applied on the affected areas. It can also be taken in gel or juice forms.


FAQs about Aloe Vera:

Is Aloe Vera safe? Are there any side effects?

Aloe Vera is completely safe as there are no side effects.

Can I use Aloe Vera gel for shining hair?

Application of Aloe Vera gel on scalp and hair can make them nourished. It can be used for healthy and shiny hair.

Can Aloe Vera be used for sunburns?

Aloe Vera is a popular herbal supplement for treating sunburns. Along with applying Aloe Vera gel, you should also consume Aloe Vera juice which will not only prevent sunburns, but also make the skin healthy and nourished.

I have been suffering from High Blood Cholesterol. Can Aloe Vera help me?

Aloe Vera is known to improve the blood circulation and detoxifier. This natural herb can be safely used to maintain the blood cholesterol levels in the body.

Does Aloe Vera gel relieve muscle and joint pains?

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties. Application of the gel can reduce the pain in muscles and joints.

Does Aloe Vera gel help to prevent cancer?

A recent study shows that Aloe Vera helps to eliminate cancer from life.

Is it safe for all my family members to take Aloe Vera?

Even if you don't have any health problems, you can take Aloe Vera gel or juice. It will save you from several infections and diseases.

Can Aloe Vera be planted at home?

Growing Aloe Vera is cheap and very easy. Care should be taken that the Aloe Vera plant should not be exposed to frost. In winters, the plant should be kept indoors.


A study published in International Immunopharmacology ( 1995)proved that Aloe Vera polysaccharides possess strong immunomodulatory and antitumour properties. Aloe Vera boosts the immune system and destroys the cancer cells.


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